Meagan D. Rippee-Brooks

I am a first-year student in BBSC on the Microbiology and Immunology track conducting my first rotation in Dr. Nir’s lab. Prior to starting graduate school at UTMB, I was an ORISE fellow at the US FDA where I focused on the development of a protein-based ELISA diagnostic device and a non-human primate organoid model to further study common mosquito-borne arboviruses. I also earned my M.Sc. Biology (emphasis in virology and immunology) and B.S. in Microbiology at Missouri State University where my project relied on basic science to develop a IAV-fungal co-infection model.

My overall research interests include understanding the underlying mechanisms of arbovirology, mosquito-biology and vector, host innate immunity. Currently, my goal after graduate school is to continue doing research either in the academic or governmental sector. 

Other than being a scientist, I enjoy reading, watching re-runs of Hell’s Kitchen, science podcasts and cross-stitching. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have 3 cats, so I spend much of my free time with them, which brings me so much joy! I grew up in the Ozarks of Missouri, so exploring nature and hiking has become one of my favorite things to do!

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