Suggested reading and confernces


Loss of lamin A function increases chromatin dynamics in the nuclear interior (2015), I. Bronshtein et al. Nat. Comm. 6:8044.

Genome-wide maps of nuclear lamina interactions in single human cells (2015), J. Kind et al. Cell 163


Single molecule super resolution of chromosomes and in situ haplotype visualization using oligopaint FISH probes (2015), B. Beliveau et al. Nat. Comm. 6.


The Role of Chromosome Domains in Shaping the Functional Genome,Tom Sexton and Giacomo Cavalli. Cell 160

A 3D Map of the Human Genome at Kilobase Resolution Reveals Principles of Chromatin Looping, Suhas S.P. Rao et al. Cell 159, 1665–1680


Chromatin-Driven Behavior of Topologically Associating Domains, Filippo Ciabrelli and Giacomo Cavalli, J. Mol. Biol. (2015) 427, 608–625.


4th Annual Northeast Regional Chromosome Pairing Conference

Genome Regulation in 3D

Chromatin and epigenetics (EMBO)

Genome Architecture in Cell Fate & Disease, Unraveling the Form and Function of the Nucleus (GRC)

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